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7 Delicious Recipes For Your Double-Burner Griddle

by HexClad Cookware

7 Delicious Recipes For Your Double-Burner Griddle

When building out your kitchen, you’re likely to hear that you need certain things: a big pot, a little skillet, knives, and a cutting board. Of course. Those make sense. But what people don’t think enough about is the double-burner griddle, which extends the surface area of your stovetop. 

Through they have mostly long gotten love for big batch sweet breakfasts (they’re a must for French toast and pancakes), a double-burner griddle is the ideal breakfast companion. We’re talking hash browns that boast maximum crispiness (just like your favorite diner), rashers of bacon spread evenly across the pan rather than steaming in a crowded tangle, and fried eggs for a crowd.

A double-burner griddle is your friend at dinnertime, too. Recreate a fast-food smash burger, upgrade a grilled cheese, or create a hibachi-like set up for fried rice, steak, and shrimp. Basically, if it’s great on an even, hot surface, then it will griddle.

These 7 delicious recipes will get you started with a double-burner griddle from breakfast to dinner.

Minty Greek Meatballs (Keftedes)
Channel the taste of Greece with these easy stovetop meatballs. You can cook the entire batch at once, thanks to the generous surface area of the double-burner skillet. Serve with tzatziki, horiatiki (tomato-cucumber-feta salad), and soft bread. Get the recipe for Minty Greek Meatballs (Keftedes) here.

Spicy Pepperoni Griddle Pizza
A double-burner griddle allows you to make a long, oval-shaped pizza on the stovetop. Starting the pizza on the hot griddle gives it a crispy bottom (often hard to achieve with home pizzas) and the shape allows for ample toppings. Go with this extra spicy pepperoni version or top with your favorites. Get the recipe for Spicy Pepperoni Griddle Pizza here.

Hibachi-Style Shrimp Fried Rice
When cooking fried rice, you’re looking for the best ratio of rice to skillet. We’re talking near 1:1 for maximum crispiness. That’s why using a double-burner griddle to make fried rice makes so much sense. Here, you’ll serve it with shrimp, but let your inspiration guide you. Get the recipe for Hibachi-Style Shrimp Fried Rice here.

Classic Pancakes
For maximum happiness in life, you’re going to want a backpocket pancake recipe, one that epitomizes the dish and screams weekend. That’s this recipe, which has a classic, not-too-sweet texture and makes ultra stackable pancakes. Get the recipe for Classic Pancakes here.

Classic Smash Burger
Circa 2010 or so, people started to realize that a great burger wasn’t just about a grill. No, the griddle was where its at. Diner-style flat patties are perfect for getting a crispy crust and for layering with American cheese. But without a double-burner griddle, making smash burgers for crowd is a bit of a downer. With the ample surface area of the double-burner griddle, you can cook 8 flattened patties for fast food-style stacks. Get the recipe for Classic Smash Burgers here.

Griddled Hash Browns
You may want to warn your family that you can only make hashbrowns once or twice a week before getting started with this double-burner recipe for hashbrowns lest they start clamoring for a daily batch. The long, wide surface area of the double-burner griddle is ideal for the crispiest, diner-style hash browns. Order up! Get the recipe for Griddled Hash Browns here.

Vegetable Kabob with Aleppo-Lemon Butter
There’s no need to trek out to the grill to make your veggie kabobs when you’ve got a double-burner griddle to hand. The stacked medleys of corn, zucchini, red onion, and mushrooms gets charred and tender on the double-burner griddle, before being slathered with a spice Aleppo pepper compound butter. Get the recipe for Vegetable Kabob with Aleppo-Lemon Butter here.

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