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What To Cook On Your Double-Burner Griddle

by HexClad Admin

What To Cook On Your Double-Burner Griddle

There are certain kitchen tools that turn out to be so much more useful than you’d originally thought. Case in point: the double-burner griddle. Once relegated to the occasional weekend pancake, HexClad’s Hybrid Double Burner Griddle is ready to prove itself as a kitchen workhorse, ready to make a party’s worth of meatballs, sizzling fajitas that can best restaurants, and smash burgers that rival any diner.

Here’s why you need a double-burner griddle:

This flat, long pan has slightly sloped edges, which allows for a greater surface area and more even heat distribution than a sauté pan or saucepan. Because it has shallower sides, too, you can flip griddled food more easily while also preventing batter or grease from spilling over the sides. Basically, a double-burner griddle can do anything a regular skillet can do, but with extra benefits. (Note that a griddle pan is different from a grill pan, which has a ridged surface.)

A double-burner griddle expands your stovetop space significantly.

If you love hosting brunches, you’ll know how space gets crunched. A double-burner griddle can handle an entire pack of bacon at once while you fry eggs in your large skillet. On Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays, too, the double-burner griddle comes in handy for maximizing stovetop space. Even when cooking for just one or two, the double-burner griddle comes in handy: You can sear steak on one end while quickly sautéing veggies on the other, for instance. (Of course, if you have a very small stovetop and want something smaller, you can opt for our 12" Hybrid Griddle Pan or 13" Hybrid Griddle Pan, which can make many of the same foods.)

A double-burner griddle is a weekend warrior.

After rushed breakfasts during the week that are interrupted by making lunches or getting kids to school, weekend breakfasts are a treat and the double-burner griddle is here to make it all happen whether you’re a savory or sweet breakfast lover. 

If you love making fluffy pancakes, then you’re going to want a double-burner griddle on hand. Rather than stand over the stove so family can devour breakfast while you play short-order cook, you can cook more pancakes at once with a double-burner griddle. And, because it distributes heat evenly over the flat surface, a double-burner griddle will prevent odd-shaped, perfectly browned pancakes. Same goes for French toast: the double-burner griddle allows you to cook 6 to 8 slices of French toast at once. The double-burner griddle is great for savory breakfasts, too. Use it for every step of an epic breakfast of bacon, hash browns, and eggs. Keep the bacon and hash browns warm in the oven while you fry the eggs so everything is hot at once. Or, opt for bodega-inspired breakfast sandwiches topped with avocado mash and a spicy-sweet sauce or a decadent pastrami hash that’s begging to be topped with poached eggs.

A double-burner griddle sears food evenly:

Because of the even, flat surface, more of the food can hit the surface, whether that’s portobello mushrooms, meatballs, burgers, or chicken thighs. A double-burner griddle is ideal for making food with melted cheese, too, like quesadillas, tuna melts, grilled cheeses, and burgers. A double-burner griddle is ideal for cooking homemade tortillas or English muffins, too. If you’re making burgers at home, you can toast the buns as well as cook the burgers.

Feeling hungry? Here are 10 delicious recipe ideas to get you started with your double-burner griddle:

How do you clean a double-burner griddle?

Like all HexClad pans, you can wash your double-burner griddle in a dishwasher. Before you do so, wipe any residue off the surface. If there are any caked on bits, first use a steel wool or a powder like Bar Keepers Friend to remove any stubborn patches.

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