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How To Make The Perfect Mother's Day Brunch

by HexClad Admin

How To Make The Perfect Mother's Day Brunch

Though every day is a great day to celebrate your mom, on Mother’s Day, you might want to pull out all the stops to make her feel extra special. We’re here to help with ideas for putting together the perfect Mother’s Day brunch, featuring her favorite drinks, treats, and savory mains. 


No matter which combination of recipes you choose, it’s worth doing some planning and prepping in advance of the day. Check the date that the holiday falls on this year (since it varies from year to year) and make sure that your mother and anyone else important you want to include are available. Then, ask whether she’d rather be hosted at your home or have you bring brunch to her (or if she’d actually rather go out to a restaurant!). Once you know where and what time you’ll be making brunch, it’s time to figure out the menu.

It’s worth thinking about activities for your Mother’s Day brunch, too, like board games, arts and crafts, or looking through old photo albums. Ask guests to bring a favorite memory of your mom to share at the meal or a reason they appreciate her.


Woman with fish spatula flips french toast

In the US, Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May, making it a fantastic opportunity to use spring’s bounty. We’re talking jewel-toned strawberries, tart rhubarb, tender spears of asparagus, and crisp sweet peas. That being said, if your mom craves something totally out of season, that’s fine! The point is to cook the things she likes and thank her for everything she does.

  • Drinks: Part of what makes brunch feel extra special are the beverages. If your mom likes a little booze with her Sunday celebration, make mimosas or bloody Mary’s. If she’d prefer something nonalcoholic, top fresh orange juice with a splash of sparkling water or mix elderflower syrup with soda. Make sure to have enough coffee and tea on hand for caffeine-fiend moms, and keep the refills coming. Greeting your mom with a cappuccino or bellini is sure to start the brunch off right.
  • Savory mains: The main event for your Mother’s Day brunch can take many forms. If your mom reminisces about grabbing a bodega breakfast sandwich after nights out in New York City in her twenties, then grab your double-burner griddle and whip up a big batch of breakfast sandwiches. Or, if she’s more of a diner gal, make a batch of pastrami hash and top it with her favorite style of eggs. Mother’s Day brunch doesn’t have to feature eggs, though. The point is to shower her with the things she loves most, whether that’s fried chicken, homemade pizza, or steak and potatoes. Anything goes as long as it’s what your mom wants.
  • Sweet mains: Perhaps you want to thank your mom for always making weekend breakfasts so special. Thank her for standing at the stove flipping pancakes every Saturday with a batch of Classic Pancakes. Or, make a decadent rendition of French toast with our recipe for Caramelized French Toast with Berry Compote. Or, if you want to make something just for mom, whisk together a single-serving Mini Lemon Blueberry Dutch Baby.
  • Treats: If you want to mix up savory and sweet, follow up the main dish with something sweet to celebrate mom. A Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie is a crowd-pleasing way to say “thank you  everything” (and the dough can be refrigerated up to 3 days in advance) or for a smaller gathering, bake a Lemon Almond Cake with Raspberries & Whipped Cream.
Powdered sugar is added to a pastry with blueberries in a pan on a gas stove

If you want to go the extra mile, send your mom home with the leftovers so she can skip cooking breakfast the next day. For moms who either don’t like brunch or aren’t available, there are other ways to thank you. You could take the time to do meal prep for her week or, take the time to bake her a Sourdough Boule that she can enjoy throughout the week. And for moms who live far away, why not consider gifting her a HexClad pan?

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