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Breakfast Sandwiches for a Crowd

by Laura Rege

Breakfast Sandwiches for a Crowd
Time to complete
30 minutes
Serving size
6 sandwiches



In a medium bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, maple syrup, sriracha, and ½ teaspoon salt. In another medium bowl, smash the avocado with a fork with lime juice. Season with salt and pepper. Set bowls aside. 

Arrange bacon in a single layer on the HexClad Hybrid Double Burner Griddle. Place over medium heat and cook, turning halfway through, until bacon is crisp and golden, 10 to 12 minutes. Turn off heat. Remove to a paper towel lined plate and let cool slightly.


Meanwhile, wipe griddle clean with paper towels and return to medium heat. Add 2 tablespoons of the butter, using a pastry brush or spatula, evenly spread the butter as it melts on the griddle to coat the entire surface. 

Add the brioche buns cut side down and cook, until toasted and golden, about 2 minutes. Remove buns to a platter or plates, cut side up. Spread the bottom buns with mayonnaise mixture and top with the arugula. Tear bacon slices in half and place on top of arugula.

Reduce the heat to medium-low. Add the remaining tablespoon of butter to the griddle, brushing the butter to evenly coat the griddle. Crack the eggs evenly spaced on the griddle. Season with salt and pepper and cook, undisturbed, until the whites are mostly opaque, about 2 minutes. Add cheese and cook, until cheese is melted and whites are set but yolk is still runny, about 2 minute more.

Stack eggs on bottom buns, top with avocado mash, close the sandwiches and enjoy!