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41 Gifts for People Who Love Food

by HexClad Cookware

cutting board, pans, salt and pepper mill with a holiday theme

You love them. They love food. These gifts are a win-win. 

We’ve got gadgets and cookware for pro cooks and culinary newbies alike: The grill-heads, gearheads, hosts and health nuts are all covered. Plus, we’re featuring a few stellar items from brands we love. 

So dig in!

For the New Cook

Got a newbie cook you love? The biggest hurdle for most is insecurity–well, that or a scratched skillet. Help make the experience of learning to feed themselves beautiful, and it’ll become a lifelong habit. 

Our six-piece Hybrid pan set is a clutch starter move, as it includes a smaller pan for eggs, one perfect for daily use, and one for a crowd–all with matching lids. Too intimidating? Our Hybrid Essentials Bundle–our bestselling 12" pan and a 3-quart pot, which are scratch resistant, oven- and dishwasher-safe–is a popular gift. Don’t forget a chef’s knife; this is sure to last them a lifetime. They’ll need a large cutting board so they can move beyond noodles to produce and meat–and this adorable Graza gift set: "Sizzle" cooking oil and "Drizzle" finishing oil together in one ridiculously cute gift box.


More hand-holding needed? Not a problem: Ramsay in 10: Delicious Recipes Made in a Flash is just the cookbook to get them cooking, and fast. 

For the Adventurous Cook

Some cooks aim high–really high. Think: that gal who just roasted a whole suckling pig in her backyard. These treats are for them. 

The cook with 27 types of BBQ sauce in her fridge needs our BBQ bundle, which comes with a hybrid grill pan, a Damascus steel carving set to help slice through that brisket, and a two-in-one cutting board to preserve all the brisket’s delicious juices. If that feels like a bit too much, our 13" grill pan is flame-ready and ideal for grilled whole fish, veggies or blistered shishitos. 

bbq grill pan

Got more of an indoor chef on your list? Reach for our 7-inch Damascus Steel cleaver to break down large produce and cuts of meat like a pro. Or snap up our carving set and board–we’ve bundled them together–all the better for them to show off their crown roast. If the cook you love is more of a steak showboater, we’ve got a steak knife and bistecca set that will remind them of that trip they took to Italy. (Speaking of Europe, the Ibérico Pork Box from Campo Grande has us drooling.) 

For the Techie

Our gadgets will appeal to the tech geeks–er, aficionados–in your life even if they aren’t master chefs.

People who appreciate amazing technology also tend to flip for our Hybrid pans that combine all the benefits of stainless steel, cast-iron and nonstick into one revolutionary cooking tool. They’re scratch-resistant, can pop right into the oven and even go in the dishwasher! Our bestselling 12" pan is a good place to start ‘em off. So is our sleek, space-saving magnetic walnut knife block, which employs magnets to invisibly hold knives on both sides. Our 7-piece Damascus steel knife set–67 layers of Japanese steel resemble dreamy swirls–would stick to that block like magic. And our HexMills–we’ve got both a mini tabletop set and full-sized kitchen set that use burr grinder tech that produce 10-times the grind per turn than traditional mills with multiple coarseness options. (You’ve never seasoned a salad so precisely!) 

chicken in a roasting pan

In other news, Meater is the meat thermometer your favorite nerds didn’t know they needed–on sale until December 6th!

For the Foodie

At parties, they’re off in a corner comparing farmers’ markets, their go-to Mexican and Chinese grocers, and knives–or the hyped-up new burger place. Foodies are almost always talking about what they’ll eat next. 

Our bestselling Hybrid 12" wok is the sort of thing foodies covet but might not buy for themselves: Help them out! Same goes for our absolutely stunning Damascus steel santoku knife–which a lot of cooks prefer to a chef’s knife as their day-to-day blade. For a foodie’s constant parade of cheese boards, snack boards and everything Instagrammable, buy them the walnut cutting boards of their dreams. (One is big enough that they can just set it out for constant snacking.) Likewise, HexMills are good-looking enough to gin up cocktail party convo–and our market bag is the most stylish one you’ve ever seen. Put your gift over the top by adding a quartet of killer Japanese BBQ sauces from Bachan’s–because the way to a foodie’s heart is through her stomach. 

fresh peppercorns being poured into a pepper grinder

For the Entertainer

The host with the most is always thinking about volume. Think: huge bottles of olive oil; 50 Parker house rolls; 25-pound turkeys. Consider making their life easier. 

The best thing about our oversized Hybrid roasting pan? The cleanup. Deglazing a roaster after making anything–a ton of carrots and onions; a turkey; a crown roast–should be satisfying. Our nonstick, metal utensil–safe pan is a delight, not a chore. Same goes for our voluminous Hybrid 10-quart stock pot, ideal for making enough gumbo for a crowd. Our extra-large beechwood board can sit on your host’s counter year-round, and is lovely enough to do so. A set of our Master Series Damascus steel steak knives for the person who hosts on the regular is a thoughtful enough gift to get you invited over for dinner. And the HexMill tabletop salt and pepper grinder set–the finishing touch for her fabulous tablescape. 


salt grinder with coarse salt dispensed

As always, bring a hostess gift! Our money is on this silky LALO blanco tequila

For the Cooking Enthusiast

Their stainless-steel fridge matches the stove matches the dishwasher–and yes, all the handles are exactly the same, too. Completist cooking enthusiasts are not to be trifled with; here’s what they want this holiday. 

They’re not going to buy the Complete Kitchen Bundle for themselves, most likely–but you can. It comprises 30 pieces of cookware every cook needs, including our bestselling 12-piece pots-and-pans kit, a roaster, six Damascus steel knives, and so much more. Or consider giving them our Hybrid roasting pan–it’s awesome–or our Hybrid 5-quart Dutch oven, so they know you see them. And we don’t mean to brag, but ours is the most stylish apron on the market. 

pots and pans set

For the Health-Conscious 

Cabinets full of dried fruits and nuts, with not a chip in sight? You may well have a healthy food lover on your hands. Consider the produce-packed meals and smoothie bowls they covet when you’re looking at your gift list. 

Black bean chilis, coconut milk braises and the like require a large, spacious sauté pan like our 5.5Qt Deep Saute Pan. Those veggie-centric stir-frys they love? They’ll need a big wok with a voluminous lid; our 14" wok has been a hit. And don’t forget all that prep time; our super-sharp Nakiri blade is ideal for vegetables. (It doesn’t bruise delicate produce, either.) And the prettiest mise en place is right at hand in our nesting mixing bowls.

soup ladle dipping hot soup from an 8 quart pot

An aside: Is this the cutest air filter you’ve ever seen? Molekule Air’s Mini+ purifiers use PECO tech and true HEPA 99.97% particle-capture efficiency.

For the Comfort-Food Lover

Fried chicken. Chicken pot pie. Baked mac ‘n cheese. This is prime season for comfort food lovers. Give them what they really want–the gear to make their favorite meals. 

Fried chicken needs space to fry properly, plus high sides so your stovetop doesn’t end up a disaster. Our 7-quart deep sauté pan, to the rescue! If your comfort food lover is more of a soup or chili person, they’ll appreciate the gift of a 5-quart Dutch oven or 8-quart stock pot–all the better to make leftovers for the freezer. If they’re a fan of brunch or baked goods, our 12" griddle–ideal for flapjacks and bacon–and our bread knife are right up their alley.

fresh baked cookies on a beechwood cutting board

Got a comfort food lover who doesn’t want to dirty any dishes? We love Last Crumb's Core Collection of a dozen premium handmade cookies, which warm up beautifully, to boot.

Stocking Stuffers

No matter what holiday you celebrate, small gifts are always welcome. Here are some of our sweetest “littles." 

How does every skilled cook we know seem to have the same set of stained, ripped or torn oven mitts? There’s nothing chic about a bad burn, so invest in a pair of knockout oven mitts, plus trivets to put those hot dishes on. Our HexMill pepper grinder has quickly become one of our most iconic items, but we’re also partial to the new sweet mini tabletop set. And our Damascus steel chef’s knife is pretty much unbeatable when it comes to an unexpectedly luxe surprise. 

trivets holding a hot pan

They love BBQ? Consider this almost-too-cute-to-open BBQ Bundle from Spiceology, containing spice blends like “Korean BBQ” and “Chile Margarita.” 

Gifts Under $100

You love them. You’re also on a budget. Here are our coolest, most budget-friendly gifts. 

We’ve already raved about the HexMill tabletop set, which elevates any tablescape. If your favorite home cook has one good knife but stores it horribly–which will dull it or chip it over time–get them a sleek magnetic knife block, which is a space-saver and stunner at once. They have everything but one good knife? Get them one; this Damascus steel chef’s knife fits in the hand in such a satisfying way. And some would say there’s no knife more beautiful than a santoku

black apron

Do they love steak? Consider Acacian wood steak plates. A large walnut cutting board comes in handy no matter what they’re cooking, our apron is remarkably sturdy and includes a substitution “cheat sheet" on the interior, and our market bag is just the thing to tote to work, then the farmers’ market. And can we talk about Jake Cohen’s new cookbook?! I Could Nosh is a mitzvah.  

Happy holidays from ours to yours. Stay cozy!

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