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Meet HexClad's New Eco Modern Aprons

by HexClad Admin

Meet HexClad's New Eco Modern Aprons

You know how everytime you go to a restaurant, the chefs are wearing aprons? That’s for a good reason: An apron not only keeps your clothes clean, it can protect you from painful burns. Basically, the apron is as essential a kitchen tool as your favorite knives. And did we mention you’ll look f**king cool? 

Choosing the right apron means taking several things into account: You want something that’s comfortable, adjustable, sturdy, and washable. Oh, and if it’s made from 100% recycled material like HexClad’s own HexGear Eco Modern Aprons? Well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

Introducing HexClad’s Brand New HexGear Eco Modern Apron Line

You won’t have to choose between style and functionality with HexClad’s new aprons, which come in 7 different colors: Onyx, Sand, Crimson, Mustard, Azure, Forest, and Slate. Whether you’re a professional chef needing to keep a tasting spoon and thermometer at the ready, or a home cook who wants a bit of extra protection in the kitchen, these aprons are suited to every task. 

HexClad’s new aprons go beyond functional.

Yes—your HexClad exceeds what you might expect from this essential kitchen tool. Use the towel loop to keep a dish towel at the ready for mopping up spills or pulling a hot pan out of the oven. There’s a cheat sheet with conversions between metric and standard measurements printed on a handy chart on the underside of each apron. If you’re already in the kitchen and not sure what to cook, simply scan the QR code that links to hundreds of HexClad recipes, like our Smoked Gouda Truffle Mac & Cheese, Green Shakshuka, and Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie.

34 recycled plastic bottles go into every apron.

When you buy HexClad’s apron, you’re choosing a less carbon-intensive option. Rather than making our aprons with upcycled cotton—as many boutique brands do—we’ve opted for a custom fabric called HexTwill that’s made from 100% rPET. To make the fabric sustainable, the plastic bottles are broken down and melted into tiny flakes. Then, these are spun into yarn, which is then woven into a polyester fabric. This uses about 75% less energy than what’s required to make virgin polyester. The process uses less water—we’re talking 90% less!—and produces fewer emissions. If you’re looking for a greener alternative to other new aprons, HexClad’s Eco Modern Apron is the one for you.

How to take care of your HexClad HexGear Eco Modern Apron

Any cook worth their salt is likely to get spatters and smudges on their apron. Machine wash your HexClad apron in cold water and line dry it. Avoid ironing or steaming the apron.

5 reasons you should always cook with an apron

Still wondering whether it’s worth it to cook with an apron? Here are five reasons why it’s worth wearing and apron in kitchen:

  1. Aprons protect your clothing: Whether dishwashing, frying chicken, or simply chopping veggies for meal prep, an apron will prevent your favorite clothes from getting ruined.
  2. Wearing an apron can get you into the cooking mindset: Putting on an apron when you’re in the kitchen isn’t just about practicality—it can actually influence your behavior when you wear it. Associating wearing an apron with cooking means that you’ll train your brain to get dinner going.
  3. Aprons make cooking safer: Avoiding burns, hot oil, boiling liquids, and rogue flares from the grill are all part of the apron’s gift to the chef.
  4. Aprons make cooking more convenient: With a place to stash your dish towel, thermometer, tasting spoons, timer, and other tools, the HexClad Eco Modern Apron will make your time in the kitchen much easier. 
  5. Aprons are part of clean cooking: There’s a reason chefs tie their hair back when cooking and put on clean aprons: this keeps their hair and clothes from coming into contact with the food. Working clean is one of many great habits to get into in the kitchen, which is much easier when you’ve got a great apron to hand.

Now that you’ve got your apron ready to go, it’s time to put it to the task. Get some inspiration for your next dish here:

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