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Why You Should Always Cook With An Apron

by HexClad Cookware

Why You Should Always Cook With An Apron

What is it about putting on an apron that can feel so much like a chore? On the one hand it seems silly: What’s the big deal about throwing a piece of clothing on for a task? You wouldn’t go skiing without the proper gear, nor would you start painting the house in your work clothes. But when it comes to putting an apron on in the kitchen, it can feel like such a chore. Then, on the other hand, you might be thinking: I can cook without getting my clothes dirty. I’m a pro at avoiding splatters! To that we say: teach us your ways.

The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to avoid getting dirty in the kitchen, and making the effort to put on the apron is simply a matter of habit.

Aprons help you get into the cooking mindset

Research has shown that when you invest symbolic meaning in an item of clothing, it can influence your behavior when you wear it. So, if you either struggle to feel motivated in the kitchen or, conversely, love how you feel when you settle into a round of meal prep, donning an apron can help to signal a shift in your mindset. (After the pandemic, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those who felt they had to get dressed to work remotely.) What’s more, cooking requires concentration for any level of cook, so what better way to signal to your brain that you’re about to conquer that new dish in your wok than donning a sleek, comfortable apron?

An apron protects your clothing

It doesn’t take long in the kitchen to realize that splashes from dishwashing and oil splatters from a hot skillet are just part of the deal. The reality is: a stain stick can only go so far into removing that blotch of tomato sauce. Instead of ruining your clothes, why not just throw on an apron? Now, there are aprons in a wide variety of styles and materials, so, for the fashion-inclined, an apron might just add to the outfit. For a classic vibe, go with HexClad’s own aprons, which are made from sturdy material and come in a variety of colors. If you’re sensitive to having an apron hang around the neck, try a cross-backed apron instead.

Aprons can make cooking more convenient, not less

Anyone who’s watched a cooking show knows that chefs make good use of their professional attire. Keeping a thermometer handy for temping big cuts of meat is a matter of tucking it into your pocket. Or, running around the house in between cooking tasks? You can tuck your thermometer into a pocket so you don’t lose track of time. Of course, for those who want to snap a picture of their meal, the apron pocket is ideal for storing your phone off the countertop, where it could easily get wet or be knocked onto the floor. Plus, if you’ve gotten into labeling your containers of meal prep, the apron is the perfect place to store your permanent marker.

Aprons can make cooking safer

Wearing an apron isn’t just about staying clean or looking professional in the kitchen—they can keep you safe, too. If you’re headed out to the grill to do some serious barbecuing, a heavy-duty apron is as essential of a BBQ tool as your long-handled tongs and chimney starter. A sturdy apron can help protect you against burns from rogue flares. Same goes for hot oil from frying chicken or other boiling liquids—no one wants those to hit their body!

Hopefully these reasons have convinced you that wearing an apron is a useful kitchen habit. Whether it’s because you want to protect your clothing, to look cool, or to avoid painful injuries, an apron is worth its salt.


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