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Delicious Ideas For Family-Friendly Make-Ahead Breakfasts

by HexClad Cookware

Delicious Ideas For Family-Friendly Make-Ahead Breakfasts

In the hustle and bustle of weekday life, mornings can be…shall we say…chaotic. This means that hearty, nutritious breakfasts can fall by the wayside, which is even tougher if you have a kid or two running around. Juggling school routines, work commitments, and the circus-like cadence of a busy household can make it challenging to get breakfast together, let alone one that will keep everyone full until lunch. Oh, and did we mention, that will appeal to a crowd? Fortunately, with some strategic planning and preparation, it’s not out of the question to have a tasty option that everyone will like.

Because the time crunch of morning mayhem can be tough, choosing make-ahead recipes can make your life that much easier. Below, check out options for big-batch, family-friendly breakfasts that everyone will love. Making them ahead means you can grab and go, or sit down for a few minutes together. And the big-batch element means there’s no one stuck with the job of short-order cook. Here are some healthy, easy, and quick breakfast ideas the whole family will love.

Veggie-Packed Frittatas

A frittata is a versatile and easy-to-make dish that can be prepared in advance, making it an excellent option for a family-friendly breakfast. And the best part about frittatas is that you can customize the fillings entirely. By combining eggs with a variety of vegetables, cheeses, and proteins, you create a nutrient-packed meal that appeals to both adults and kids. Let your kiddos weigh in on what to mix in, bake, and cut into wedges for portable breakfasts.

Here’s a great template from Epicurious for making a custom frittata with your desired fillings. Make it in your 10" HexClad Hybrid Pan.

Overnight French Toast

There’s no need to soak individual slices of bread and hover over a griddle to make French toast for the whole family (though, if you want to, our double-burner griddle is up to the task) Instead, transform a classic breakfast favorite into a stress-free option with overnight French toast. This make-ahead dish involves assembling slices of bread in a baking dish with a mixture of eggs, milk, and spices, sort of like bread pudding. Let it soak overnight, and in the morning, all that's left to do is to bake it to perfection. This allows you to serve a warm and comforting breakfast without the need for early morning preparation. Top it with fresh fruits and a drizzle of maple syrup for an extra touch of sweetness.

We like this recipe from Delish for overnight French toast.


Making your own granola has many benefits. Many store bought granolas are basically just a crumbled cookie with just as much added sugar. There’s also the matter of customization. With homemade granola you can mix in your favorite nuts, seeds, spices, and choose which sweetener you like best. Let the kids chip in by choosing flavor combinations. Serve it with milk and fruit for easy breakfasts, sprinkle on top of yogurt, or portion it into small containers for easy snacking on-the-go. Pro tip: Granolas benefit from stirring so they cook evenly. With rimmed baking sheets, that can still mean bits fly over the edges. Instead, use your roasting pan. The deep sides mean you can stir without making a mess.

This customizable granola from The Kitchn is a good place to start making your family’s signature recipe.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

If everyone in the family likes yogurt (it can be a polarizing food with kids), then parfaits are a parfait idea for easy, make-ahead breakfasts. Layer Greek or regular plain yogurt with granola (maybe your own recipe?) with fruit in single-serving containers. If some people prefer sweet yogurt, stir some honey or maple syrup into plain yogurt rather than buying the already sweetened kind, since store bought yogurt can have as much sugar as a scoop of ice cream. 

There’s no need for a recipe with parfaits, just layer yogurt, granola, and fruit in a jar and refrigerate until ready to eat.

Breakfast Casserole

Something for the unabashed savory folks out there, this over-the-top casserole combines the cast of your favorite diner breakfasts in a convenient make-ahead package the whole family can get behind. You’ll mix up eggs, tater tots or hash browns, cheese, and your breakfast meat of choice—sausage, bacon, ground beef, you do you! Stir in a veggie if you like, spinach, kale, or even broccoli wouldn’t go amiss here. It’s the perfect pick for post-game family meals on the weekend or a breakfast to reheat at the office on chilly mornings.

Try it out with The New York Times’ recipe for Sausage and Egg Tater Tot Casserole, which is perfect in your 12" HexClad Hybrid Pan.

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