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What To Make For Mother's Day Brunch: Savory And Sweet Recipes She'll Love

by HexClad Admin

What To Make For Mother's Day Brunch: Savory And Sweet Recipes She'll Love

While we believe moms should be celebrated all year long, it’s nice to have a day to truly shower her with appreciation. And what better way to do that than cook her a lovely meal? Whether your mom loves a sweet breakfast treat or prefers salty brunch standards, we’ve got you covered with crowd-pleasing ideas for Mother’s Day brunch that serve 6 to 10. Each of these make the most of your Hexclad Hybrid Double Burner Griddle. If you don’t have one, opt for your Hybrid Roasting Pan on the stovetop or your largest skillet.


If your mom is more burgers than brownies, opt for Pastrami Hash for her special celebration. You’ll start by cooking both Yukon Gold potatoes and sweet potatoes until perfectly tender in your Hexclad 5QT Hybrid Saucepan and then draining them so they’re dry (this is the key to getting them extra crispy on the griddle). You’ll combine these with shredded pastrami and chopped onions and bell peppers on your Hexclad Hybrid Double Burner Griddle to make an epic savory brunch dish. If you want to top the hash with fried eggs, either transfer the hash to a covered dish and fry the eggs on the griddle, or fry them in a 12-inch skillet at the same time you add the pastrami to the vegetable mix. The Pastrami Hash recipe serves 8 to 10, so it’s ideal for a big family. Or, send your mom home with the leftovers so she can make easy breakfasts in the coming days. Serve Pastrami Hash with mimosas or bloody Marys to amp up the brunch vibe.


Few things feel more special than a stack of custardy French toast. Our recipe for Caramelized French Toast with Berry Compote is truly worthy of your mom, combining cinnamon-spiced custard, thick slices of brioche bread, and a vanilla-spiked fresh berry compote. To make the decadent caramelized crust, you’ll sprinkle the soaked slices of bread with sugar before cooking them in butter on your Hexclad Hybrid Double Burner Griddle. The recipe makes 8 pieces of French toast, so consider how many slices your mom (and other eaters) are likely to want before deciding whether to double the batch (no one will be mad about extra French 


If your mom sent you off to college with the skills to make a mean breakfast sandwich, then she prepared you. Show her your appreciation with this rendition of souped up breakfast sandwiches for a crowd, stacked with the crispiest bacon, avocado mash, and a maple-sriracha mayo. You’ll use your Hexclad Hybrid Double Burner Griddle for the entire recipe, starting by cooking the bacon until crispy, then toasting the brioche buns, and finally, cooking the eggs until perfectly fried. The recipe serves 6, but it’s easy to cut down to a smaller serving size if you want to just cook for you and mom, or a smaller group.

Of course, you don’t have to go big batch for Mother’s Day brunch. Perhaps your mom would be just as pleased with a perfectly cooked omelet just for her and some time alone. Or, perhaps she’d prefer a beautiful roasted salmon with her favorite veggie sides. Maybe she’d prefer a movie night instead with a batch of Chipotle Chicken Stove Top Nachos followed by an ice cream-topped Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie. The goal is to make her a meal that will make her feel appreciated. Oh, and don’t forget to do the dishes! Cleaning up is a crucial part of the Mother’s Day gift.

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