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What Is a Roasting Pan and How Do You Use It?

by HexClad Cookware

What Is a Roasting Pan and How Do You Use It?

You may think your roasting pan is just for Thanksgiving and other fall dishes, but it’s actually worth reaching for year-round for everything from a celebratory Easter ham to perfect Valentine’s day chocolate soufflés. The point is: the roasting pan is for so much more than turkey. Read on for reasons why you might want to keep the roasting pan easily reachable from January to December.

What is a roasting pan?

A roasting pan is a large, rectangular pan with deep sides (around 3½ to 4 inches) that usually has handles on the shorter ends for easy maneuvering to and from the oven. HexClad’s Hybrid Roasting Pan comes with a rack insert, which allows the turkey or roast to sit above the pan and the air to circulate evenly around the meat. You might see a roasting pan called a ‘roaster’ but it’s generally the same thing. You’re looking for something heavy-duty that can stand up to years of use. HexClad’s pan has the trademark nonstick coating, which makes for easier clean up (and less caked on bits on the bottom of the pan).

What should I cook in my roasting pan?

Though you might think a roasting pan is just good for fall and winter, your roasting pan is great for spring and summer dishes, too. Reach for your roasting pan anytime you want to cook a big piece of meat, poultry, or fish. Extra-generous portions of baked pasta like macaroni and cheese, hearty casseroles, or big-batch baked sandwiches are ideal in your roasting pan. If you want to make a delicate custard-based dessert like flan or a batch of mini soufflés, the roasting pan is perfect for making a bain marie. Your roasting pan is great for baked meatballs since the high sides will catch any rogue meatballs that attempt to jump ship. Use your roasting pan for a party’s worth of enchiladas or nachos, too. The point is, the possibilities are endless.

Using your roasting pan in the spring

When Easter rolls around, the roasting pan is your friend. Use it for a celebratory roast ham (with a dreamy spicy maple glaze), a big side of salmon, or a large joint of lamb. Because the roasting pan is generously sized, you can fit vegetables around the meat, too. Tuck spring onions and asparagus around salmon or nestle potatoes in around the lamb. Of course, your roasting pan is good for more than just Easter dinner. Use your roasting pan to make a gorgeous roasted rhubarb compote (the large size is great for fitting in a ton of stalks, which will cook down into a smaller amount) or to roast up a glut of spring mushrooms.

Using your roasting pan in the summer

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you’ll want to tuck your roasting pan away for good. If you’re a fan of oven-baked ribs or oven-cooked pulled pork for backyard barbecues or potluck picnics with friends, this is the pan you’ll want to reach for. If you want to make a cobbler or crumble for a crowd with summer fruits like peaches, cherries, and/or berries, the roasting pan is ideal. Double your favorite recipe to take advantage of the roasting pan’s generous capacity. If you’ve got a bounty of zucchini, tomatoes, and zucchini, the roasting pan is just waiting to host a Southern French ratatouille.

A roasting pan can stand in for other pans, too

If you’re short on sheet pans to roast vegetables, the roasting pan is an ideal stand-in. HexClad’s roasting pans work on the stove top, too. Use it like a griddle for weekend pancakes or French toast. Or, if you want to make scrambled eggs for a crowd, the roasting pan can accommodate dozens of eggs. 

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