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Big Batch Winter Snack Ideas For Work And After School

by HexClad Cookware

Big Batch Winter Snack Ideas For Work And After School

What is it about winter that makes people hungrier? Whether it’s the cold weather or simply more time spent indoors because of shorter days, it can feel extra necessary to have snacks on hand, especially warm snacks for winter chill. While a handful of grapes or a bowl of watermelon might cut it in the summertime, winter calls for heartier snacks to tide you over between meals. Whether you’re looking for a savory pick-me-up or a sweet treat for that afternoon slump, we’ve got you covered with big batch ideas for winter snacks for work and delicious after-school winter snacks for kids. There are a smattering of healthy winter snack ideas as well as more indulgent snack ideas, too. Read on to get inspired for your winter snacking agenda.

Winter snacks for work

We know that desk-friendly snacks are crucial, so a snack that requires three types of containers or is extra stinky isn’t going to work. These ideas offer a bit of sophistication and can be prepared for several days at a time.

  1. A bold-flavored snack mix: Sure, you could spring for vending-machine snack mix, but spending the time making your own is well worth the effort. Experiment with different cereals, savory elements like pretzels or bagel chips, and seasonings. Get inspired with this recipe for Furikake Snack Mix from The New York Times, which elevates the classic combo with gochugaru (Korean chili flakes), ramen noodles, and shrimp crackers. Be prepared to fight off your coworkers.
  2. Roasted chickpeas: The problem with so many snacks is that they taste great but leave you full within minutes (or at least that’s what it can feel like. Transforming chickpeas into a deeply satisfying snack is as easy as draining a can of chickpeas and roasting them with seasonings. They might just be the ideal healthy winter snack for work. Try The Kitchn’s recipe for Crispy Roasted Recipes.
  3. Flavored popcorn: Go beyond the stale packaged kind with DIY flavored popcorn. After popping kernels in your Dutch oven or another large pot, toss them with savory or sweet toppings. You might even find making custom batches for the week becomes a highlight of your meal prep. Get inspired with Serious Eats’ 7 Popcorn Flavors to Upgrade Your Snacking.
  4. A square of coffee cake: Don’t let your mid-morning cappuccino get lonely! Pair a square of coffee cake with tea or coffee to make your snack break extra delightful. A coffee cake that packs in fiber is particularly welcome, since it’s more likely to keep you full longer. Bon Appetit’s Butternut Squash Coffee Cake is a great place to start.

After-school winter snacks for kids

Carrot sticks and apple chips won’t cut it in wintertime, when kids want a filling and warm pick-me-up after school. Take advantage of the big batch format of these kid-friendly snack ideas by prepping them one or two weeks at a time and defrosting as needed.

  1. Veggie-packed tater tots: Tasty, veggie-packed tater tots are the perfect after-school snack for kids. They’re dippable and bite-sized and best of all (for the parents), they’re freezer-friendly. Make a big batch and microwave them a serving at a time. Try Tasty’s recipe for Mixed Vegetable Tots, which combine sweet potato, zucchini, broccoli, and carrot. Or, if you think your kids will do better with a single vegetable, try Delish’s recipe for Zucchini Tater Tots.
  2. Mini savory hand pies: There’s something about a pie held in hand that’s satisfying to kids and adults alike. Make a big batch of savory hand pies—whether a calzone, empanada, or spanakopita—and bake off from frozen for easy, winter-friendly after-school snacking. Check out The Kitchn’s Air Fryer Mini Calzones, Bon Appetit’s Argentinian Beef Empanadas, or Real Simple’s Jammy Hand Pies for inspiration.
  3. A bowl of edamame: Though it can be tough to get kids to try green veggies, edamame offers a fun hands-on element. Kids will love popping the beans out of their shells. Serve a bowl of steamed edamame for a warm, protein-packed snack they’ll love. Look for in-pod edamame and steam according to package instructions.
  4. Not-too-sweet granola bars: No one needs sugar-high kids running around and crashing before dinner. Instead, make big batch nut- and seed-rich granola bars that are great on the go when hot snacks aren’t possible. Try Epicurious’s recipe for Nut Butter Granola Bars.

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