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Sitewide Sale! Save up to 30% OFF! Shop Now

Meet Hexclad’s Revolutionary
Hybrid Technology

Here’s why HexClad makes
every meal a win

What Pans Does Gordon
RamsAy use at home?

“Today I am ready to lift the curtain and tell you I am using HexClad. Not only are they beautiful pans but their hybrid technology cooks to absolute utter perfection. Do you really want to see how good they are?”

It’s going to be delicious.

Whether cooking for yourself or a crowd, amateur or pro, HexClad Hybrid Cookware delivers deliciousness. You can sear, saute and simmer -- and always get what a chef needs: Our hybrid technology combines stainless steel and non-stick performance for perfect temperature control, and easy cleanup.

HexClad only gets better over time as it seasons. You can expect it will be there, ready to serve, for the rest of your cooking life. Say farewell to your other pots and pans.

What makes HexClad
better? Science.

A laser etching process creates our patented hexagon design, which features a series of peaks and valleys. The peaks are your stainless steel, which gives you that great golden brown sear and protects the pan against peeling and flaking. In the valleys is the nonstick surface, which provides your pan with easy cleanup and the ability to cook with less butter, grease or oil.

Perfect sizzle power.

The Stainless steel peaks in our Hybrid cookware deliver perfect searing, browning and sauteing while the non-stick valley allows easy cleanup - you get the best of both worlds in one piece of cookware.

cookware that does more.
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