HexClad Cookware

7pc HexClad Set w/ Lids & Wok

$449.99 $539

Our 7-piece HexClad set includes everything you need to take your cooking to the next level, with chef-quality results.


12" Pan w/ Lid - the foundation of the gourmet cook's toolkit 

10" Pan w/ Lid - the perfect size for everyday meals

8" Pan w/ Lid - the essential sauces and sides pan

12'' Wok - the ultimate advantage for chef-quality cooking

Featured on Oprah's Favorite Things 2019!

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A Hexclad Cookware Customer
Ilona B.

If you know our use this you have the best dishes ever

A Hexclad Cookware Customer
Shannon A.

Awesome pans! Works great on my gas stove. I love these and can't wait for the pots!

A Hexclad Cookware Customer
Gail R.

these pans are the best pans I've ever bought. you cook on a low heat with faster cooking time. never stick clean up a breeze,there worth every penny spent and life time guarantee.

A Hexclad Cookware Customer
Bonnie L.

If I had a buck for every non-stick pan I've bought and dumped over the last 30-40 years, it could have paid for my 7-pc set of HexClad. Finally. FINALLY! Pans I can USE and nothing sticks. Pans I can use without drenching foods in butter or oil - not that there's anything especially bad about Kerrygold or Vital Farms butter and (good) oil like coconut oil & avocado oil in a pan. Not all foods need it nor do we want everything floating in it! I got snagged my set Saturday at an Austin Costco. It's now Monday and not only have I severely weeded out my hanging pot rack, but I've washed, seasoned and used all the HexClad pans & the wok in the set! No sticking. Zip. I didn't blow on the eggs since others were having eggs this morning, but I did let cheeses melt and scoop it all up with tortillas and thought wow! I need to play with these pans and see what all I can do without stuck food hanging over my head. Don't get the idea that you can put your pan on high heat and let 'er rip when you throw a steak on. Use your head. There's a learning curve and you might not realize how EVENLY hot your Hex pans will get compared to your old pans. Go with lower settings at first and then crank it up as needed. The whole idea is that you can BURN your creations unless you learn how your Hex pan(s) perform. It's as simple as that. Wipe, wash, dry, hang. I have used cast iron ALOT in the past coupe of years and I do love my irons. But I fully expect to reach for my new lighter-weight Hex pans & wok because these wrists will be 72 years old tomorrow and I prefer to begin year #73 without pain. It's SO much easier to put a HexClad pan in the oven to finish a steak than it is to put a similar-size cast iron pan in! Happy cooking if you snag your own HexClad! My sympathies if you don't.

A Hexclad Cookware Customer
Bryan K.

Best pans I’ve ever used.

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